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Chickens (also known as 'domestic fowl') are native to South East Asia but, today, they have a worldwide distribution. Their diffusion is almost entirely due to human-assisted transportation and, as such, their natural history is a reflection of human history.

Given the social significance of this species (whether as a provider of foodstuffs, their widespread use in cock-fighting or within magic and medicine) and their growing popularity as domestic pets, a detailed analysis of their natural and cultural history in the West is long overdue.

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The Dinnersaurus at Oxford University Natural History Museum
Saturday 11th February 2017 - Naomi Sykes

The Tyrannosaurus rex: the first dinosaur whose name you remembered and the star of Jurassic Park. It lived for 2 million years at the end of the Cretaceous period.

Rise of the Dinnersaurus!
Sunday 29th January 2017 - Naomi Sykes

What do you know about chickens? You know nothing about chickens! And three years ago, neither did we.

Monday 17th October 2016 - Tyr Fothergill

One strand of interdisciplinary activity taking place as part of the Cultural and Scientific Perceptions of Human-Chicken Interactions project is a collaborative research endeavour using archaeological and historical evidence...

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