1 week 2 days ago
RT : New Not Just A Game podcast on depictions in board games! Not exactly , but Pacal of Palenque gets an…
2 weeks 5 min ago
RT : If interested in the great challenges of our time & solutions this is a must read . Out today & brilliant!
3 weeks 2 days ago
RT : Excited to present our research on medieval ritual deposits with chicken 🐔 at this afternoon!
1 month 1 day ago
RT : Theresa May has succeeded in providing the hostile environment for migrants she promised. Read here.
1 month 3 days ago
RT : Feast your eyes upon this new article from , , Bea Demarchi, and me:
1 month 2 weeks ago
RT : Why aren't we more outraged about eating chicken? by via
1 month 2 weeks ago
1 month 2 weeks ago
RT : Retweeting this cheeky chicken's tale for
1 month 2 weeks ago
So how did chickens get from Southeast Asia into Europe? Via Africa! The next step on the
1 month 2 weeks ago
RT : Have you seen the fine cockerel on this alabaster tomb of Thomas Cockayne (d. 1488) at All Saints,…
1 month 3 weeks ago
1 month 3 weeks ago
RT : Our grey junglefowl makes an appearance on the and helps explain how chickens got their iconic yellow…
1 month 3 weeks ago
Why do chickens have yellow legs? Find out on the next step of our
2 months 10 hours ago
Heading to Oxford this weekend? Why not go on a ? Download the map and head to to start
2 months 1 day ago
Imagine a world where chickens went the way of the dinosaurs... It's possible!
2 months 1 day ago
RT : Or, how the chickens in the supermarket become the chickens in the supermarket...
2 months 1 day ago
Did you know chickens are dinosaurs?
2 months 1 day ago
School's out! What to do? Go on a’s-out-go-chicken-trail
2 months 4 weeks ago
RT : My article, Human-Aided Movement of Viral Disease and the Archaeology of Avian Osteopetrosis, is out and OA here:
2 months 4 weeks ago
RT : Good question. True wolves were native but we don't know when (and therefore why) they went extinc…


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